FACES of Leadership: Storytelling Resources

Storytelling Intro Video

Pastor Devlyn Brooks, who is championing the storytelling portion of this leadership initiative shares a bit about Storytelling and what to expect.

6-Word Story Come up with a story in six words or less.   


  • Badger girl pastoring in Gopher Country.
  • The little church that could.
  • Alone, not lonely; feeling God’s presence.
  • No junk for Jesus!  

After people have come up with a six word story, have them share more about it. Feel free to give people topics for their stories such as about them, their summer, their faith, their childhood, or whatever fits the people and the situation.  This idea was adapted from the article “My COVID Journal: A Group Exercise” by Bonnie Wilcox.   

Living Lutheran: I’m a Lutheran ‚Äč 

The Living Lutheran magazine includes a story in each issue with a Lutheran from a variety of backgrounds, places, and ages. Some of them read as if the featured person was given a prompt. Sometimes helping someone tell their story is by having guiding questions or prompts for them to answer. These features are examples of the stories we have to share.

For more information about Storytelling resources and activities, please contact Pr. Devlyn Brooks, FACES Storytelling Champion