Tiffany Sundeen is a coffee loving, dog walking, purple blooded pastor who has served 24 years in the ministry. She married Bruce Wayne (Batman!) 20 years ago and became a parent to Jacob who is now 31 and lives in St. Paul. Pastor Tiffany and Bruce have two teenage daughters. Abigail is a senior at Davies High School in Fargo and Rachel is at NDSU. (Go Bison!) Pastor Tiffany believes in the Church as Christ’s Body here on earth and that together, we are called to share the light of Christ in the world. She looks forward to meeting you and partnering together in ministry.   She has worked with Emotional Intelligence skills for 10 years and considers it a way of growing in self-awareness, self-regulation, motivation, empathy, and interpersonal skills that bring health to the individual and congregation. “I’ve witnessed emotional intelligence skills transform lives, improve one’s outlook on life, shift thinking about challenging situations and benefit the whole system a person lives in.